What sets Steenland Investment Strategies apart from other Investment Advisors?

  • Fee Only - As a fee only advisor, we do not accept commissions from the purchase or sale of any investment product.
  • Independent - As an independent investment advisor firm, Steenland Investment Strategies is free to choose from a vast array of investment options with no incentive or pressure to favor any one investment over another.

Are there any other expenses that may be charged to my investment account?

  • No - We do not pass through any overhead or out of pocket expenses, such as long-distance, postage, fax or copy charges. Our goal is to have a simple and straight forward fee arrangement with our clients, without the "nickel and dimming" of expenses which is sometimes common today. The custodian may have transaction fees, however, Steenland Investment Strategies does not charge any fees other than asset based management fees.

Are there minimum account sizes for asset management services?

  • No - Steenland Investment Strategies does not have a minimum account size. We strive to provide a genuine investment value to every client regardless of their level of assets.

How do we get started?

  • Contact Steenland Investment Strategies at tel. 336-676-9098 to arrange a complimentary initial consultation. At this meeting, you may determine if we are the right firm for you. If you decide to retain our firm, we will commence addressing your needs.

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