Objective Investment Advice

Objective investment advice means the advice is unbiased. Our desire is to understand each client's investment goals and to offer advice which will be directed toward the achievement of those goals.

Asset Management principles which we adhere to include the following:

Understand each client's personal risk tolerance.
Use "Modern Portfolio Theory" to build a portfolio which is designed to maximize return while minimizing risk, considering each client's individual risk tolerance.
Actively manage each client's portfolio with the goals of building value during financial market up trends and preserving value when the financial markets are correcting or down trending.
Reduce our client's costs by employing a simple "fee based" billing structure. We do not charge commissions.

Free Consultation

A consultation is offered during which we seek to understand each individual's goals. During this time we show our business process and answer any questions. This consultation is offered without cost or obligation of any kind.

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